Asia Agro Chemicals & Fertilizers always strive forward through scientific innovations and has established a regular mechanism of academic and technical exchanges with many research institutions, colleges etc.

Agro Chemicals & Fertilizers

Regular training programmers are organized at all levels to ensure consistent development of the Asia Agro Chemicals & Fertilizers products and services. Asia Agro Chemicals & Fertilizers people have grown individually and have responded to the Company's attempts to create an environment conducive to creativity and self-expression. A healthy team spirit and cohesiveness prevail in the Company for effective interdepartmental relationships.

Since its inception, with the main objective of marketing and developing new products in the farming industry, we have risen to one of the top countrywide producers in such a short time. The company's formulations include herbicides, insecticides, acaricides, fungicides, seed coatings etc.

Caring for the green life, contributing the golden harvest is our endless pursuit. Asia Agro Chemicals & Fertilizers is committed to continual innovation on products and services in the modern agricultural development and bringing the happiness of harvest to each grower.